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Thread: Possible New Feature: Disable RipNAS for Drive

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    Possible New Feature: Disable RipNAS for Drive

    This may be too much to ask, considering the scope of the RipNAS product, but I was wondering if it would be possible to provide an option, perhaps in the console, that would allow for temporarily disabling the service that monitors the optical drive. There are times when I would like to use my single optical drive for tasks not related to ripping music, such as loading software from a disk, or copying a dvd to my WHS, and RipNAS currently prevents this by spitting the non-audio disk out. My current workaround has been to uninstall RipNAS, and then reinstall once my other task was complete, but this is error-prone and not really practical for me. Just a thought, thanks.

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    Re: Possible New Feature: Disable RipNAS for Drive

    Good idea, we are taking ideas for R2

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    Re: Possible New Feature: Disable RipNAS for Drive

    In that case please add in a request for multiple drive support with the option to monitor none of them, all of them or only some of them.

    Specifically my requirement (Although I am sure other people have similar) is to monitor a Sony changer and the Teac USB drive (For discs the Sony can't rip accurately) and to ignore discs inserted in a second Sony changer and a Bluray drive that I have for ripping movies.



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