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Thread: CUE Sheet Creation

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    Re: CUE Sheet Creation

    I for one am waiting for this feature to get added before buying the app.
    Feel free to email me if you need beta testing.

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    Re: CUE Sheet Creation

    +1 for putting cue sheet at top of list.

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    Re: CUE Sheet Creation

    Another for cue sheets.

    Any estimates (and I accept it as a vague estimate) as to when R13.2 with CS might ship as beta/final? Any guess'timates, even just hinting at the units of measure to use (days, week or months) would help. :teufel8:

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    Re: CUE Sheet Creation

    Another +1 for CUE sheets, though I'm not sure if the application I'm thinking of fits in with the currently planned functionality.

    I've already ripped the vast majority of my collection as individual tracks without CUE sheets. One of the playback programs I've been evaluating is cplay on audioasylum.com. It basically only supports playback of WAV or FLAC via cuesheets. Cuesheets basically become playlist files in this application.

    A standard CUE sheet uses relative paths, assuming that the file(s) are in the same directory. Cplay also supports absolute paths, meaning that the cue files can be stored in separate directories for easy playback access, and also means they have the potential for becoming playlist files.

    Seems like a utility codec that could support CUE sheet generation as a batch function with either relative or absolute paths would be really useful for people who need CUE sheets for existing files after the fact.

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    Re: CUE Sheet Creation


    Any update on the Cuesheet support?

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    Re: CUE Sheet Creation

    clearly not official, but now that R13.2 has been released, Im betting it won't be before R14, hopefully with some other new treats.

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    Exclamation CUESheet Creation

    Wrong thread

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