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Thread: Converting to Panasonic .sbg file

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    Converting to Panasonic .sbg file

    This is my first EVER entry into the world of Forum to please excuse my clunky approach!
    I have a rather obscure question - I am trying to add music to a video in MotionSD supplied with a panasonic SD camera. The only audio format that appear to be supported is .sbg
    Anyone got any idea what might be an appropriate plug in to dbpoweramp or an alternative product to convert mp3 to the .sbg format?

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    Re: Converting to Panasonic .sbg file


    I came across your question as I was searching for a solution to this same problem. After much googling, alas, I couldn't find any answers. Finally, after some tinkering, I found the solution to the problem.

    For starters, I use MotionSD Studio v1.3E; don't bother converting anything to .sbg. I haven't a clue why MotionSD chose such a lame file extension. What you're really interested in is the PCM audio format.

    Find a way to convert your mp3 file to the PCM audio format (google is your friend for this, thank goodness Make sure the file is converted to PCM with the following settings:

    Audio sample size: 16 bit
    Channels: 2 (stereo)
    Audio sample rate: 48 kHz
    File extension: .wav

    Tada! MotionSD will now recognize your audio file and you should be able to add it to your video clip or still image clip. Good luck!

    Your friendly Internet helper

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