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Thread: dBpoweramp Batch Converter: conditional processing

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    dBpoweramp Batch Converter: conditional processing

    I've found abovementioned extremely handy for transcoding existing FLAC files to the current version of FLAC, thus taking advantage of the increased compression etc. Whilst I know it's not a significant space saving etc. with a quad-core cpu the transcoding is a reasonably pretty quick process such that I don't mind unleashing a transcode process on a subset of my library. One thing that'd be really handy though is to add the option to conditionally transcode from FLAC to FLAC ie if the file is not encoded using the latest FLAC plugin, transcode it, otherwise skip it. The same logic could be applied to any of the lossless codecs.

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    Re: dBpoweramp Batch Converter: conditional processing

    Open Batch Converter, select all files with 1 click (on folder), then List files, add the column Encoder Details and sort on it, uncheck files which are not the ones you want, encode.

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