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Thread: I'm new, WHICH SETTINGS!

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    I'm new, WHICH SETTINGS!

    I am a teacher and have audio tracks that are originally imported in WMA format. Then I edit them using Goldwave. Except for a short begining and ending music fade, it is all voice. When I convert the file to MP3 format, I am confused at all the settings that are available. What are the best settings to have to put on a cd for people to play in cd players? Should I use VBR, ABR, CBR, Free Format and which settings under each one of those? I am new at this and don't want to screw it up. Also, do I use the same settings for cd's as I would for people to listen and download off the web if I put them on my website?



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    Re: I'm new, WHICH SETTINGS!

    If it an audio cd (not an mp3 data cd), then convert the WMA files to Wave to work on them.

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    Re: I'm new, WHICH SETTINGS!

    When you are done with the Wave files, use your CD burning program to burn an "Audio CD", which will convert the Wave files into the type needed for audio CDs to read them.

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