Can someone elaborate some of the AccurateRip and Secure Rip reports? Below is a part of a log file. Notice underlined and bold parts.

Track 7:  Ripped LBA 124567 to 141305 (3:43) in 0:33. Filename: E:\FLAC rips\Who, The\1971 - Who's Next\07. Going Mobile.flac
  AccurateRip: Inaccurate (confidence 24)   Secure (Warning)  [Pass 1, Re-Rip 17 Frames]


  CRC32: F3D845ED     AccurateRip CRC: 0E3814B1     [DiscID: 016-002ce0cb-021fd5d0-05124810-7]

16 Tracks Ripped: 13 Accurate, 1 Secure, 2 Secure (Warning)
Every track ripped in 0:09 to 1:13 time, the songs average at around 5 minutes long.

a. Inaccurate even though a confidence of 24?
b. Secure but with a (Warning)?
c. a and b because of the re-rip?
d. Can I rest in peace with these warnings? I'm serious about bit perfection. Click-free is not enough for me.

I have setup these correctly:
- offset (AR device list)
- cache (clean test CD)
- FUA (not a plextor so OFF)
- C2 (scratched test disc)
- drive is in DMA mode

PS. A second ripping session for the album produces different results. There were still tracks with inaccurate, secure(warning) reports, but some songs were accurate and secure, even though they hadn't been so in the first ripping session.