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Thread: Default naming setup ?

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    Default naming setup ?

    I have recently "converted" from EAC to dbPowerAmp and I'm loving it. As a result I have recommended dbPowerAmp to a lot of people.

    One thing that is niggling me though is that every time I recommend it I have to say "but let me know when you install it and I'll send you a sensible Naming string for the directory hierarchy". This has put a couple of people off even trying it.

    This is because out of the box the naming doesn't make any sense to me or anyone else who I have asked about it. The default is to create a directory for the album artist and to put all their albums into that one directory.

    This doesn't make any sense to me, I have never come across anyone who structures their hierarchy this way. Everyone I have ever spoken to about it either puts each album in its own directory under the album artist or they have some other very custom structure which still involves each album getting its own directory.

    Quite apart from anything else it makes a nonsense of cover art and folder.jpg

    I really think that the current default is likely to put people off dbPowerAmp. When I saw what the default was doing I thought "that is dumb, I wonder what else is dumb about this software". It isn't helped by the fact that changing the naming structure (without just copying and pasting in my example) is beyond many of the people I am recommending dbPowerAmp to.

    Thankfully I persisted and found that there was nothing else dumb about dbPowerAmp

    Edit: I guess I should also add that it is good that a few other options are listed in the naming drop down, but puzzlingly (to me at least) none of them provide a separate directory level for the album.
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    Re: Default naming setup ?

    I have a horrible feeling that I am complaining about something that has already been fixed. My recent install of latest version does appear to default to having a folder for the album.

    Sorry, not a great first post.


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    Re: Default naming setup ?

    dMC r13 adds an album option to the default naming scheme, that's what changed.

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    Re: Default naming setup ?

    Quote Originally Posted by LtData View Post
    dMC r13 adds an album option to the default naming scheme, that's what changed.
    Yeah, my "that's dumb" moment was using r12, if only I had checked against my r13 install before opening my big mouth

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