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Thread: AccurateRip Sold (also defending AccurateRip's good name)

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    AccurateRip Sold (also defending AccurateRip's good name)

    That is right AccurateRip has been sold, for the grand sum of $1 to Illustrate (everyone breathes a big sigh of relief).

    The reason for this sale is to bring AccurateRip under the protection of Illustrate which has funds to defend AccurateRip legally if required. Why? all areas of the market are jumping on the secure ripping band-wagon, some of these new-comers like to brandish around facts which are not quite correct, often in the same sentence as AccurateRip, which they see as fair game and a weak target (bash AccurateRip when comparing to their XYZ = sell more XYZ).

    This thread will highlight those posts/press releases/pdfs which do not have their facts right, correct their facts and restore AccurateRips good name. Whilst Illustrate would not have normally passed comment on such posts, by having a go at AccurateRip declares an 'open season' - true experts in the field of Secure Ripping will examine the work posted and post commentary.
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