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My CD Ripper was working fine until I changed DVD drives. Now I get endlessly prompted for Key Discs. Whatever disc I provide, I get the same message:

"This Key Disc cannot be used for offset detection (it does not match the one stored in AccurateRips database)"

I'm running Win XP Pro SP2. My new drive is a Pioneer DVR-215D. I've tried uninstalling (using the dbPowerAmp utility which wipes "program files", registry, and application data) and reinstalling. I've also disabled my (McAfee) firewall.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Just a note for any frustrated users that this problem is alive and well in 2021! I have reinstalled dbpa onto my brand new laptop, and tried literally dozens of CDs, including popular classics (Graceland, Raising Sand, Back to Black) and newer stuff before finally striking lucky with some fairly niche classical CDs on Naxos and ASV. I would have given up, if it had not accepted one of the Naxos CD relatively early on (together with a message that it needed 3 Key Discs to verify the offset, so please insert another Key Disc). As I said above, I tried dozens before it inexplicably accepted a couple more. The moral of this post: keep on trying, even though it apparently makes no sense to do so!