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Thread: [codec] dBpoweramp Bench Mark Tester

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    [codec] dBpoweramp Bench Mark Tester

    The purpose of this bench mark suite, is to test a computers performance (speed), using up to 16 CPU cores, encoding audio is a good test of a computers speed (with audio encoding it is possible to 100% 8 cores of a system). Results are presented as encoding speed (combined from all CPU cores) and time taken to encode. Encoding speed is x(times) real time, for example an audio file which is 60 seconds long takes 6 seconds to encode, the encoding speed would be x10. If 2 cores of a CPU were used, it is likely that the encoding speed would be x20. A higher encoding speed = faster computer, a lower time to encode = faster computer.


    Install dBpoweramp Music Converter,
    Install this test suite



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