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Thread: dBpoweramp video converter!

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    dBpoweramp video converter!

    You heard right!
    I wish there was a dBpoweramp video converter!
    Would make the perfect companion to dBpoweramp music converter!
    Don't you think?
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    Re: dBpoweramp video converter!

    The dBpoweramp line of software is fantastic. Unfortunately there is currently only one developer. I, personally, do not want to see the work diluted when there is so much that can still be done with music.

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    Re: dBpoweramp video converter!

    there was talk before about video conversion, but this really is a whole lot of work, and video really isn't in the same line as audio - things are quite different.

    for your simple video conversion I would recommend RAD video tools (www.radgametools.com) - they can do quite a lot and they are totally free.

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    Re: dBpoweramp video converter!

    Have you guys checked out the Oxelon Media Converter... Its Freeware Video Converter plus audio as well... Its no match for DBPowerAmp but its a great video converter with a right click on file context menu option for it... Its the fastest one ive seen yet and ive tried them all from a to z from ones you buy or freeware... I think these two should get together and make a DBPowerAmp Video Converter...

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    Re: dBpoweramp video converter!

    ... you just replied to a more than five year old thread.

    As most video formats are lossy, I do not re-encode, merely re-encapsulate the stream(s). ffmpeg does that, with the option "-acodec copy -vcodec copy". (There is a third for subtitles ...)

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    Re: dBpoweramp video converter!

    There are many CD / DVD combination sets. There are many good programs to rip or duplicate full DVDs (video & audio). What is missing is the ability to reliably & accurately capture the audio stream from DVD. (this would seem to be well within the audio focus of dBpoweramp product.


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