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Thread: No ID Tag When Cursor Placed on MP3 File

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    Question No ID Tag When Cursor Placed on MP3 File

    I believe I may have asked this question here before, but I got no answer. So I'll try again.

    Formerly, when I pointed my cursor at my mp3 files, the ID tag came up, and I was able to read the information that I wanted--album title, length of track, etc., information that I know is present, in abbreviated form, on the left panel of the Explorer page.

    Suddenly, about a year ago, perhaps due to some change or other, the cursor no longer would bring up the bubble (or whatever you call it) that showed the ID tag. I have researched this issue on Google a good deal, but no one has helped me.

    I miss this feature very much. I am not clear if this is a Windows XP feature or a function of dBpoweramp.

    Can anyone help me with this? I would greatly appreciate it!

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    Re: No ID Tag When Cursor Placed on MP3 File

    If the bubble said "dBpoweramp" at the bottom, it is a feature of dMC. If it did not, then it was the Windows pop-up. Do you remember if it said dBpoweramp or not?

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    Cool Re: No ID Tag When Cursor Placed on MP3 File

    I frankly do not remember. I do not THINK it did. But I do now remember that I had a progam installed called InfoTag Magic that showed the ID tag. Since making my initial post in this thread, I located this program on my PC, reinstalled it and still there is no balloon tip or bubble (I do not know the technical name for this tip). But even after reinstalling, there is no tip. Nothing, no little tip, no big tip, nothing.

    My cursor DOES work for many other kinds of popup tips, like in forums, on my home page (a popup summary of headlines), etc. But for some reason with music files, there is no pop tip. I am completely baffled.

    Any clues?

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    Thumbs up At Last!! Issue Solved

    LtData and Others:

    This nagging issue has finally been solved. I found a clue in one sentence in a forum discussing balloon tips. It said that the popup could be turned on and off in Explorer options. So I went to Tools/Folder Options/View, and near the very bottom, there is a box that reads: Show popup description for folder and desktop items. That box was UNCHECKED. I checked it, and VOILA!

    Thank you for your help. I consider this issue closed.

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