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Thread: Crash & lose info if freedb does not respond

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    Crash & lose info if freedb does not respond

    I hate it when apps do this to me.

    Using Audio CD Input r9 beta 2, I just entered 15 tracks of info (in Italian, no less), and clicked to submit them to freedb. Well, freedb has decided to take the afternoon off, so I am stuck with an hourglass that will not go away. The "Cancel" button, even though not disabled, does not work, since I am stuck in "hourglass mode".

    Wait. Wait. Wait. No response, nothing I can do. So I abort the app, and lose all 15 tracks of Italian that I just typed in.

    Sorry, Spoon and gang. I'm not really mad, just had to vent a bit :-)

    It would be nice if you could abort the submission process, or if Cancel worked. I won't call it a "bug", and it probably happens rarely, but it *is* frustrating.

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    Apr 2002

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