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Thread: PowerPack & MP3 license?

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    PowerPack & MP3 license?

    I've been downloading more and more .OGG files of recent and have required converting them to .MP3 for better versatility and such. dbpoweramp does what i want very well and I'm planning on registering but before I do that, i've got a question. I couldn't find the answer anywhere else; hence i'm posting.

    All i want is for my dbpoweramp converter program to last forever. Is this not possible? If it is which option do i get? I don't think i need the 1 year of AMG. The main thing is i don't know what MP3 License/Powerpack means >_<.

    I know this is a fairly lame question but i really don't wanna throw money away hastily. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: PowerPack & MP3 license?

    The PowerPack license is a one-time purchase that gets your upgrade for the life of the PowerPack. See here for a comparison of the features each version of dMC gets you: http://www.dbpoweramp.com/db-versions.htm

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