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Thread: Album Art questions

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    Question Album Art questions

    Why can't I browse and add the Album Art if not found in the ripper before ripping?

    Also, why can't I select all of the mp3's with the editor and add album art to all of them at once and not one at a time.

    Finally, why do I have to click to add album art, then click a button to the album art and then tell it if I am adding a front cover? It would be much better to click the add album art and then a browse button and text box appear in the original window along with a set of radio buttons to indicate what type of art and followed by another button called add to finish the entire process?

    This is a great program and I have loved it for years. The 12.4 version is the best ever so please keep up the great work!!!

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    Re: Album Art questions

    Install R13, you can add art.

    Multi album art adding is not yet supported.

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    Re: Album Art questions

    If you do not yet want to upgrade to r13, which is currently in alpha you can use the [ID Tag Update] utility codec to import the album art into the files from a folder.jpg that is in the same folder as the music files.

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