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Thread: Cd Ripper freezes PC + AccurateRip

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    Exclamation Cd Ripper freezes PC + AccurateRip

    1 - My problem with dBpoweramp is that when I try to rip the CD, after a successful first track rip, my computer freezes and I can't do anything unless I eject the CD and put it back into the cd/dvd rom, then it skips next track ("error") and rips 3rd track and the whole things repeats during any CD rip - every 2nd track gives me an "error" due to freezing.
    (BTW, I've noticed if the track is 2 minutes or less long, there aren't any errors)

    And when I'm done with the CD, I re-rip the errorenous rips and this time it rips normally track-to-track, without freezing.

    What might be causing this problem :( It's quite frustrating... :thumbdown

    2 - And I have a question regarding AccurateRip. First of all, I have no idea what it is but I have accuraterip.dll in the dBpoweramp directory :p so I guess it should work - when I start CDripper I get this message really fast that it is initializing the thing.

    Anyway, whatever I rip, rip status says "Not in AccurateRip" :( So is this an error or it's just that the songs I've ripped aren't in the accurate rip database, I really have no idea how this accurate rip works.

    Haven't had these kinds of problems with versions 9 and 10 so any feedback would be much appreciated!!


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    Re: Cd Ripper freezes PC + AccurateRip

    Put simply AccurateRip is a method by which the results of your ripping of a particular CD can be compared with rips performed by other users. Unfortunately before you can use AccurateRip your CD/DVD drives need to be configured to use it by your ripping certain key CDs already in the database. For more read the contents of "C:\Program Files\Illustrate\dBpowerAMP\Help\accuraterip\index .htm".
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    Re: Cd Ripper freezes PC + AccurateRip

    Try R13 beta, there as an issue with the eject cd command.

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