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Thread: AccurateRip... with clicks & pops?

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    AccurateRip... with clicks & pops?

    I just ripped a CD to FLAC, all tracks list as Accurate.

    When I listen (via Foobar2000 or VLC), I hear lots of little clicks and other artifacts. I then played the corresponding CD from the same computer, and didn't hear them (some are quite obvious).

    What does this mean? Shouldn't an Accurate rip play without any such noise?

    Alternatively, if I'm to trust that the copy is perfect, are these players known to add such pops during playback?

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    Re: AccurateRip... with clicks & pops?

    First test I would recommend is to take one of the FLAC files and decompress it to WAV. Then play the wav file, if you do not hear the pops and clicks this would eliminate a problem with the FLAC file.

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    Re: AccurateRip... with clicks & pops?

    Rip direct to a wave file, make sure no DSP effects are being used (DSPs are applied after accuraterip), listen if any clicks then look at the wave file in an editor.

    Certain audio cds, are mastered badly, others have copy protection which introduce clicks.

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    Question Re: AccurateRip... with clicks & pops?

    I have the same issue as turnstyle.

    At first I blamed the new player I was using, so I verified my FLAC with some other players that I've used for years, and by all means, the clicks were still there :(

    So I decided to rip the album again, on a different DVD unit. The WAV and resulting FLAC show the same clicks and artifacts. When I initially ripped this album it wasn't in the accuraterip database. This time the album was Accurately ripped with confidence 2 (most likely my previous rip results and those of someone else).

    After reducing drive speed and changing a few more drive settings I ripped again, at 0.9x speed now. Both new rips and the original rip (decoded to WAV) have the exact same CRC32 value, so they are 100% identical.

    The album is a 1997 release from Coldmeat Industries, Sweden (Arcana - Cantar De Procella). I don't think they had any form of copy protection back then.

    I'm also sure I've never heard these clicks and artifacts before, as I listened to this album very often, usually on a portable CD player & headset when I went to sleep (no environmental noises).

    How does one remove/reduce those clicks and artifacts, and/or filter them out?
    Are there tools to check if copy protection is available on a cd, and which type it is?


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