Just started using dBpoweramp since I got fed up with using EAC and Nero's AAC together.

Using the CD Ripper, downloaded the newest AAC Encoder through Nero and loaded it as the instructions here said: file:///C:/Program%20Files/dBpoweramp/Help/Codec/mp4/help.htm

VBR Quality @ .5 (about 170kbps) & No Forced Profile.

Secure Ripping selected.

Ripped the tracks, but when finished none of them play in Winamp. The tracks do play in iTunes though, but Winamp is my player of choice. I asked Winamp about it and they told me to ask on here. (I have the latest version, whatever it is up to now.)

Also note the tracks I ripped previously using EAC and the same Nero encoder version would play on Winamp.

Is there some setting that I'm missing? Disable ID Tags? etc...?

Thanks in advance for helping out a noob like me.