i am kinda obsessed with testing this lossless thing out (like OCD)...

I ripped a cd with DBpoweramp, iTunes, and Winamp into WAV (and also ALAC with itunes), and then used the music converter calculate CRC/MD5 Hash function to check the CRC/MD5.

The winamp and iTunes rip's CRC/MD5 matched each other, but the dbpoweramp was different.

I have ripped all of my music with dbpoweramp, but am now concerned that there may be something that could decrease the chance of my FLAC files being lossless. My results are more often than not Accurate with AccurateRip (ie agreeing with other dbPowerAmp users, and if not, then often the "diffrerent pressing" thing.

I have run about five trials with different songs and cds. Is this something to be worried about? How can this be accounted for?