Actually, they are not. Recently the Ogg Vorbis codec was upgraded to RC2. Many new features have been used in these RC2 files to give better quality. Unfortunately, only a RC1 or higher decoder understands these new features

So if you try to play these files on Sonique or Freeamp, both of these players use the Ogg Vorbis beta 4 decoder, you will be unable to play the Ogg files. There shouldn't be any further incompatibilities with Ogg files created in the future and the with current Ogg decoders.

As of RC1, the Ogg Vorbis decoder was finished. At the moment there are many features that the decoder understands that the encoder doesn't even use yet

So if the Ogg files created by dBpowerAMP can't be played in your favorite player, it's very likely that the Ogg decoder used in that player is out of date or you need to get the latest version of the plugin required for Ogg decoding.