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Thread: Cannot convert .voc to .wav

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    Cannot convert .voc to .wav

    Error converting to Wave, 'G:\A\A0000017.VOC' to 'G:\A\A0000017.wav'
    Error: Unable to load decoder for file type '.VOC', codec not installed? visit 'Codec Central'. [dBCoreConverter::dBCoreConverter]

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    Re: Cannot convert .voc to .wav

    Just as the error message says, you don't have a decoder for .VOC files, and there isn't one available for dMC r12.
    However, there is a .voc codec for dMC r11.5 and older. See here for how to have dMC r12 and dMC r11.5 installed at the same time: http://www.dbpoweramp.com/legacy-compatibility.htm

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