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Thread: dBpowerAMP for MAC OS 10.4.9?

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    dBpowerAMP for MAC OS 10.4.9?

    Are you planning to release any MAC version in future? Please please.... i know this is to much to ask but we need this aPP for sure...

    What you think..

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    Re: dBpowerAMP for MAC OS 10.4.9?

    There is already a discussion about this here: http://forum.dbpoweramp.com/showthread.php?t=5590

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    Re: dBpowerAMP for MAC OS 10.4.9?

    I've always loved dBpowerAMP and never found a mac app that came near it. I now user Crossover http://www.codeweavers.com/products/cxmac/ which loads pc apps on a mac and it works perfectly! I've had a lot of trouble with using VMware and parallels so this is a great alternative and it doesn't take up as much space.

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    Re: dBpowerAMP for MAC OS 10.4.9?

    I have installed dbPowerAmp MC using crossover, but it does not see my CD Rom. Any help on how to make that work?


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    Re: dBpowerAMP for MAC OS 10.4.9?

    I run dBpoweramp in Windows 7 through Parallels 6 on my Mac (10.6.6). I rarely run it through Boot Camp, but I'm sure it'd be the same. I don't really use anything but the Ripper, and I rip everything in Apple Lossless onto an ExFAT external hard drive. It works fine, unless you try to rip to the drive with OS X (if you have the "view Mac files through Windows" setting enabled) on it, which, from my experience, causes errors. If you're having trouble reading the CD, it's because you have to disconnect your CD drive from OS X, and connect it to Windows 7. I don't know where the setting is in CrossOver, but Parallels 6 has a "Devices" menu that lets you select what hardware you want Windows to access.

    Also, I strongly believe that if dBpoweramp were released on the Mac App Store in the near future, it would make a TON of money. Seriously, there are literally zero apps worth paying for at the Store right now, and we all know Mac users are just itching to buy stuff. :D On that note, it should somehow be free to those of us who own the Windows version... lol.

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    Re: dBpowerAMP for MAC OS 10.4.9?

    How do you install dbpoweramp under Parallels 6? Haven't used Parallels 6 or recent Mac yet so it may be a dumb question. Can you install Windows programs under Parallels 6?

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