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Thread: please help

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    please help

    This program has messed my pc up big time.....

    can't remove it through uninstall, can't find it in add/remove and can't delete it in program files, just want to get it off here.......... anyone any ideas please

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    Re: please help

    What operating system are you using? Did you delete the dBpowerAMP folder BEFORE you tried uninstalling the program? What version of dBpowerAMP are you using? Is dBpowerAMP installed to your primary hard drive (if you have more than one hard drive)?

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    Re: please help

    Hi there,
    Win XP sp2 on primary drive can't find version number, but been on here since May.

    I tried to uninstall from the uninstaller in all programs, after a few attempts it disappeared in there, but still on desktop and still in program files.

    Everytime I try to delete folder, it says 'access denied' ........no idea what else to try :confused:

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    Re: please help

    Reinstall the program, then uninstall.

    Our programs do not put icons on the desktop (the audio player and Sveta will though, not music converter).

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    Re: please help

    Thank you very much for that, finally removed it....now to get my autorun working again :D

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