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Thread: FLAC to MP3 fails MD5 checksum

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    FLAC to MP3 fails MD5 checksum

    I'm converting my FLAC files to MP3 to I can use them in the car. 24 files out of 3500 came back with an error using the latest reference batch converter. The files appear to be fine, is there a way or override this?

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    Re: FLAC to MP3 fails MD5 checksum

    what was the error you were getting?

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    Re: FLAC to MP3 fails MD5 checksum

    Error converting to mp3 (Lame), 'Z:\Squeezebox\RippedCD\PNM\FLAC\Alisha's Attic\Illumina\14.Lay Low.flac' to 'Z:\Portable\PNM\MP3\Alisha's Attic\Illumina\14. Lay Low.mp3'
    Encountered 'FLAC__STREAM_DECODER_SEARCH_FOR_FRAME_SYNC' in FLAC File 'Z:\Squeezebox\RippedCD\PNM\FLAC\Alisha's Attic\Illumina\14.Lay Low.flac'
    md5 did not match decoded data, file is corrupt.

    The FLAC files play ok on my Squeezebox.

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    Re: FLAC to MP3 fails MD5 checksum

    The flac files have errors, dbpoweramp is telling you that they are no longer lossless.

    You can load dBpoweramp configuration and >> codecs >> advanced and tell dbpoweramp to ignore the errors (as the squeezbox is doing).

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