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Thread: GetPopupInfo only for specific file types?

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    Question GetPopupInfo only for specific file types?

    Is it possible to have GetPopupInfo only work on specific file types? I have a number of movies in mp4 format, which tend to be very large files.
    If I go to rename any one of these files, there is a pretty serious lag before the file will actually highlight and allow me to rename.
    If I watch task manager, I can clearly see GetPopupInfo running for the duration of the lag and then going away after the file is successfully selected.
    The larger the file, the longer the lag. I don't want to disable this feature entirely, because I do rely on it frequently, but it would be great to have it ignore MP4 files.

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    Re: GetPopupInfo only for specific file types?

    Sadly it is not possible to exclude file types on the popup information.

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