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Thread: replaygain does more but it tells

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    replaygain does more but it tells

    I run into the following problem.

    I had a bunch of ripped flac albums, and after having them tagged while being ripped with dbpoweramp I realised I did forget about replaygain.

    Before I realised that I re-tagged them using my primary software for managing audio which is Helium.
    Mainly because all others are somewhat limited, thus the combination of both Helium and dbpoweramp is ideal since each of them comes in where the other is a bit limited.
    Anyway, if you stick pics to a flac Helium allows to place a pic desciption into the jpeg. Similar to what it's on mp3 files.
    Now, the time you run dbpoweramp's replaygain your flac still got 2 jpgs in (assuming it had 2 jpegs) but since replaygain or dbpoweramp seems to completely re-write the tag when adding the replaygain entries, it simply wipes away that information.
    This leads to the funny thing that of course no application isn't any longer able to differ which attached pic is which one since there's no indicator left.

    Wonder who invented that one, since one mustn't look into the jpeg itself but in case of rewriting the frames simply could copy the pic as it was before. Incl. all it's additional data which was in the frame. Not only that, if having added a front album cover and an artist pic, dbpoweramp makes 2 front album covers out of it. Pretty strange if you ask me.

    Spoon, any comment why replaygain killed my tag frames ? Better said modified them ?

    Now I must ensure that I always use replaygain in front of adding pics, since then everything's fine.

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    Re: replaygain does more but it tells

    It sounds like Helium is using a non-standard way to store album art, compounded by the fact that there is no standard way to store album art in FLAC files.

    Note that you can just use the ReplayGain DSP effect and it will be applied when you rip the CD in one step.

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    Re: replaygain does more but it tells

    I know there's no standard way.
    Funny think is, dbpoweramp is amongst the few which modify the pic whereas most others simply shift it through.

    Looks as if Helium does write a picdescription similar to the explanation about the pic_block on flac.sourceforge.net\format.html whereas dbpoweramp write the pictype only and gives a * on the rest, fillig it all up with zeros.

    Makes dbpoweramp a nice pre-processing util for an audiocollection since it not only enables to modify and add metadata but unfortunatly wipes aswell without being asked to do so.
    Similar to what it does on mp3 tags with unknown frames. Spoon recently told me that this might change the time dbpoweramp gets based upon a more clever library. Perhaps one day it also treats a pictureblock as it is for flac files aswell.

    And yes you're absoltutely right, I could enable replaygain being done from the cd ripper and then I'm done aswell. Only drawback ... dbpoweramp got some feature I'd love to use not only in the early stage of maintaining a collection but also at the very end.

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    Re: replaygain does more but it tells

    If you could email a small flac with album art as described above, it would help:


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    Re: replaygain does more but it tells

    http://flac.sourceforge.net/format.html descibes it all ;-)

    Helium simply adopted what was introduced with 1.1.4 according to the author.

    Looks to me as if being an improoved ID3v2 spec when if comes to pictures.

    but I could email you one aswell. Makes live easier ;-)

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