The following is instructions on how to find the version numbers of all Illustrate products:

dBpoweramp Music Converter
Version numbers are in dMC Configuration (dMC r11.5 and older) or dBpoweramp Configuration (dMC r12).

Sveta Portable Audio
Found in dMC Configuration

dBpoweramp CD Writer
Found in dMC Configuration

dBpoweramp/dMC Configuration is found in:
Start Menu --> Programs --> dBpoweramp Music Converter --> Configuration --> dBpoweramp/dMC Configuration

dBpoweramp Audio Player
Right-click on a blank part of your skin to bring up the menu. If it says "dBpoweramp", you have release 2. If it says "dBpoweramp release 3 beta x" you have the beta of release 3.
Also, the r3 beta shows its version number in dMC Configuration