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Thread: Does Not Display Bubble When Cursor on File

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    Question Does Not Display Bubble When Cursor on File

    I don't know if this is a Microsoft problem or something that dbPoweramp can solve! I recently reinstalled Windows XP Pro, and everything is pretty much running okay, but I have one huge frustration. To access the ID tags for my music files, I formerly was able to simply place the cursor over the file and a panel opened up (like the bubbles when you place the cursor on Windows files), and the panel revealed the pertinent info on the file, from the tag. This function is not working now. I have reinstalled dbPowerAmp Music Converter, but the function is still not operative.

    Can someone help me? I feel like a registry tweak would fix this, but to date I have been unsuccessful in Googling an answer. Perhaps this is due in part to not knowing exactly what that balloon-like window is called that used to appear when I placed my cursor over a music file.

    I miss this function. HELP!

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    Re: Does Not Display Bubble When Cursor on File

    It is called "Pop-Up Info" and is enabled in dBpoweramp Configuration. If the option is already enabled, try disabling it, rebooting, enabling it, reboot again, and then see if it works.

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