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Thread: contextmenu gone since v12.2

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    contextmenu gone since v12.2

    Did as explained, install without a deinstall.
    But 'convert' is gone in the context menu.

    So I had a quick look using ShellExtView to see what's wrong.
    There's 2 lines likely having to do with it.

    C:\Programs\audio\Illustrate\dBpowerAMP\dBshell.dl l linked to folders
    C:\Programs\audio\Illustrate\dBpowerAMP\dMCShell.d ll linked to audio extension

    second file on nonewhere on my system. But also the first on seems to have no effect on folders as fas as I could say.

    any idea what's wrong ? Did work without problems on r12 aswell as r12.1

    switching on and off context menus through the poweramp configuration doesn't help either, tried that first before trying to dig into it.

    thanks for a hint on how to re-active the contextmenu

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    Re: contextmenu gone since v12.2

    If you are missing the dMCShell file, you might want to try to reinstall your current version over again. If that doesn't work, uninstall your current version, re-install r12.1 and then upgrade to r12.2 again.

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    Re: contextmenu gone since v12.2

    Yep .. worked .. that simple .. wonder why the dll was missing.

    thanks for the hint

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    Re: contextmenu gone since v12.2

    If you uninstall R12.1, reboot then install R12.2 is that file installed?

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    Re: contextmenu gone since v12.2

    I have the same problem. Here are the steps taken:
    Reinstalled R12.2 over 12.2. no go.
    Uninstalled R12.2 using the "Uninstall dMC" link in the menu, rebooted, installed R12.2. No context menu. I shouldn't have to reboot here.
    I then uninstalled r12.2, rebooted, installed R12.1, got the context menu, and then installed R12.2 without removing the previous version, and have the context menu.

    By the way, this is on Reference.

    So, when you have time you might want to review R12.2 to see what is up. But in the scheme of things, I'd rather see you working on some of the things for the next release.
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