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Thread: Why are ID Tags saved with diferent tag names in Ogg / Flac?

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    Why are ID Tags saved with diferent tag names in Ogg / Flac?

    dBpoweramp maps these tag names:

    Track to TRACKNUMBER
    disc to DISCNUMBER
    label to Organization
    Year to Date
    Comment to Description
    Conductor to Performer

    If your program does not read those tags and correctly map back to a good value, then ask the developer why (example Description should become comment if the program has a standard comment field).

    These are the documents developers use when programming Ogg Vorbis id tags (v-comments):

    TITLE: Track/Work name
    VERSION: The version field may be used to differentiate multiple versions of the same track title in a single collection. (e.g. remix info)
    ALBUM: The collection name to which this track belongs
    TRACKNUMBER: The track number of this piece if part of a specific larger collection or album
    ARTIST: The artist generally considered responsible for the work. In popular music this is usually the performing band or singer. For classical music it would be the composer. For an audio book it would be the author of the original text.
    PERFORMER: The artist(s) who performed the work. In classical music this would be the conductor, orchestra, soloists. In an audio book it would be the actor who did the reading. In popular music this is typically the same as the ARTIST and is omitted.
    COPYRIGHT: Copyright attribution, e.g., '2001 Nobody's Band' or '1999 Jack Moffitt'
    LICENSE: License information, eg, 'All Rights Reserved', 'Any Use Permitted', a ORGANIZATION: Name of the organization producing the track (i.e. the 'record label')
    DESCRIPTION: A short text description of the contents
    GENRE: A short text indication of music genre
    DATE: Date the track was recorded
    LOCATION: Location where track was recorded
    CONTACT: Contact information for the creators or distributors of the track. This could be a URL, an email address, the physical address of the producing label.
    ISRC: ISRC number for the track; see the ISRC intro page for more information on ISRC numbers.

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    Re: Why are ID Tags saved with diferent tag names in Ogg / Flac?

    There is a new version of these codecs, currently in beta, that will disable the re-mapping. Download here: http://forum.dbpoweramp.com/showthre...ewpost&t=13335

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