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Thread: Installation Confusion & CD Writer

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    Unhappy Installation Confusion & CD Writer


    I am really having problems with understanding how your installations work with regards to updating the different programs.

    Every time that I go install just the CD Writer it installs everything, and I'm really at getting frustrated by the problems with the different version incompatibilities of the CD Writer.

    I just want to use it...that's it, and traditionally with other Windows Programs each one is separate, and there's no hassle with installation of the programs when they are updated, so that I'm not bombarded with tons of icons that are just redundant.

    I went to make a music cd for my father, and because of these problems I can't.

    I was able to get the registration issues resolved with my PowerPack, but here I am with the dBpower Amp Configuration (With 2 different icons that lead to the same process!) again, and now it says that I have a CD Writer: Unregistered Trial Release 1.1!!!

    Please explain how to resolve these issues if there are any.

    Signed---> Getting really, really, really frustrated!

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    Re: Installation Confusion & CD Writer

    Uninstall all dbpoweramp programs and just install CD Writer, nothing else, there is no imcompatibility in that instance.

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