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Thread: Lost Right Click Convert On FLAC Files

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    Lost Right Click Convert On FLAC Files

    So I decided to install Quintessential Player to play my music, and after doing that I lost all my right click convert to options when clicking on both MP3 and FLAC files. I then uninstalled QCD player and got my right click convert for MP3 files back but not FLAC. I can only do it as batch convert :(

    I checked the config and the box is checked next to right click convert. What can I do to get my right click FLAC convert back?

    I'm running Vista Ultimate and R12. Everything was great until I installed that darn player. I have tried uninstalling all of DB power and re-installing with no luck.

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    Re: Lost Right Click Convert On FLAC Files

    It is a known issue which will be fixed in R12.1 (about 8 weeks).

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