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Thread: DVD/RW Drive went from 32X Rips to 4X Help!

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    DVD/RW Drive went from 32X Rips to 4X Help!


    I was using 12Reference and after a few CD rips to FLAC in secure mode, it will now only rip the music at around 3.8-4.2......is used to be 30-38X. I didn't change any settings and have rebooted the computer a few times. Any thoughts on what happened. I did try to do a rip with the drive in Itunes and it only ripped at around 2X. Do you think the drive died?

    Thanks!...I have hundreds of discs to go and 4X will take too long.

    BTW....Release 12 with secure rip is great. Great job Spoon and team! I also love the dual encoding for multiple files! Keep up the great work.

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    Re: DVD/RW Drive went from 32X Rips to 4X Help!

    Open up the device manger (Start --> run --> devmgmt.msc) and open up your IDE controller for the CD drive, normally the Secondary controller. Normally, the Advanced tab shows the current transfer mode for the device. If it says "PIO" then that is the culprit.
    If the drop-down box says "PIO Only" change it to "DMA if available".
    If the drop-down box says "DMA if available", then you need to do an additional step. Close out of the dialog box for the IDE controller and go back to the Device Manager. Right-click on the controller, and select "Uninstall". Click "OK" on the warning box. Then go to Action --> Scan for hardware changes. Windows should pick up and reinstall the IDE controller. Go back in and make sure the drive is now on DMA mode.

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