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Thread: Fix - For Missing Volume Control

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    Re: Fix - For Missing Volume Control

    Hey I just had the same thing go wrong and this fix also worked for me gracias to the geniuses...

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    Re: Fix - For Missing Volume Control

    Post *13 works fine for me as well.

    I have made a couple of clean XP installs and the snd32 file is missing every time (I only install XP, not any vendors extra driver since the sound card is recognized by XP already).

    Thanks a lot!


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    Re: Fix - For Missing Volume Control

    Quote Originally Posted by Spoon
    Sounds like your sound card has uninstalled rom Device Manager.

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    Re: Fix - For Missing Volume Control

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered
    Copied Verbatim from http://www.jsiinc.com/SUBK/tip5200/rh5245.htm

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    John Savill
    InstantDoc *39410
    John Savill's FAQ for Windows

    A. To display the volume icon in the taskbar notification area, you must select the "Place volume icon in the taskbar" check box in Control Panel Sounds and Audio Devices applet. If, when you try to select this check box, you receive the error

    Windows cannot display the volume control on the taskbar because the Volume Control program has not been installed. To install it, use Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel.

    you need to copy the sndvol32.exe image from your commercial XP installation media (not a vendor-supplied "recovery" CD-ROM) to the system32 folder by performing the following steps:

    1. Start a command session.
    2. Navigate to the CD-ROM drive by typing

    <cd drive>:

    3. Navigate to the i386 folder by typing

    cd i386

    4. Expand the sndvol32.ex_ file by typing

    expand -r sndvol32.ex_ %systemroot%\system32


    Similar answer found here:

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    Thumbs up Re: Fix - For Missing Volume Control

    this is extreme good work, just navigate by command session, It did not fail me, It won't fail you! Win XP Pro.
    Very clever!! Very smart guys -- You can trust them!!

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    Re: Fix - For Missing Volume Control

    *13 works great for windows XP pro ... takes just a minute ... just be sure to use Dell XP Windows XP CD and not an MS XP update CD (i.e. make sure the CD you are using has the i386 folder.




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    Cool Re: Fix - For Missing Volume Control

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered
    I am going through the exact same thing!! PLEASE help...this is driving me crazy!!!

    Excuse my technological retardation, but how do I install these drivers you speak of, Razgo? At this point I will try ANYTHING! I have Windows XP by the way...
    I'm having the same problem, i tried doing that x and y thing, but it doesn't solve the problem. Today, I hade the volume icon on my taskbar, and now it's not there. I have the sound, but for some reason i'm unable to bring back the icon. I tried putting it back by going through control panel and i've got the message that my Volume Control program is uninstalled. I don't know how to install it, please help me.
    I would really appreciate anyone's help. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Fix - For Missing Volume Control

    i do a search for "volume" int he registry and i can't find "volume control." would appreciate some help.

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    Re: Fix - For Missing Volume Control

    HELP!! I have ME and I can't for the life of me figure out how to get the sound back. I tried to reinstall the driver off the sys restore disk and it tells me it can't find it. I also tried to do a system restore and it tells me it can't restore it to a previous point. I dont' know what to do.

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    Re: Fix - For Missing Volume Control

    this worked perfectly! Thanks!

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    Re: Fix - For Missing Volume Control

    Wow. There certainly are a lot of Unregistered's in this post. Doesn't anybody register anymore? Sure helps to distinguish who's who.

    My original post was about the Master Volume Control Panel window disappearing while still having the speaker icon available from the task bar near the clock.

    If the icon is missing, then your Audio Device driver is missing or not installed. Or it may be listed as Unknown in the device manager.

    If you've exhausted all other means of trying to locate the driver that may not be on Windows or your Hardware disc, and you don't know the vendor who made your device, then you might try this as a last ditch effort. What I'm about to suggest is extreme...but it did work when mine took a dump.

    We're going to go look for numbers on microchips!

    Shut your system down and remove the cover on your computer...unless its still under warranty. If its under warranty, go get a remedy from your vendor.
    Leave it plugged in so that it remains grounded, and don't touch any of the chips!
    As I said, we're going to go look at chipset numbers which can get you the correct driver, which will in turn, get your sound back.
    If you have a separate sound card, (they are screwed into the back of your machine and have the input/output jacks) look on it and copy down numbers from any chipset that is on its board. There may be several numbers on a chip. I believe we want the number from the first line.

    If you don't have a sound card as described, then your sound is integrated into your mother board. Since a mother board contains many chips, isolate the audio chip by following your CD-ROM drive audio leads (two or three small guage leads) down to where they connect onto your mother board. The chip should be very close to that connection. Copy down the number from it.

    Now that you have a number, go online and do a search.
    In the search box type in the word --> chipset (plus the number you found)
    Click go.
    Your manufacturer will most likely show up in the results.
    Download the driver for that number.

    I know this sounds extreme. But it worked for me.

    Good luck & Best wishes.
    Last edited by Craze; 09-24-2004 at 05:26 PM.

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    Re: Fix - For Missing Volume Control

    This is an Edit to the original post for resetting "X" & "Y" coordinates for a missing Master Volume Control Panel. It may help some who have almost gotten there, to find X & Y.

    NOTE: If you don't have a speaker icon in your taskbar, this fix won't help.
    Your Audio Device driver is not installed.

    START>RUN...type REGEDIT...click OK.

    Expand tree for HKEY_CURRENT_ USER
    Click Software
    Use "EDIT" tab in tool bar...select FIND...type in VOLUME CONTROL.
    Click FIND NEXT.

    Click on VOLUME CONTROL...X and Y should appear in the right pane window.
    If you do not find X & Y...look in the folder directly below the VOLUME CONTROL which would be your Audio Device.
    Note the value of X & Y in paranthesis. Its probably a huge number that indicates that the volume control panel is displaying offscreen.

    Right click on X
    Select Modify
    Click "DECIMAL" radio button.
    Type in the number 5
    Click OK.
    Repeat for "Y".

    Close Registry
    Open Volume Control Panel and smile. :smile2:

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    Re: Fix - For Missing Volume Control

    Maybe I've missed the premise of this thread, and this has already been covered. If this is the case, I'm sorry for butting in, as I'm obviously guilty of laziness in not reading all the posts :o

    Normally you can bring back the volume icon onto the task bar from Control Panel > Sounds and Multimedia. That is assuming there's not a worse underlying problem, of course.

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    Re: Fix - For Missing Volume Control

    Hi Christina,
    No problem. From post *41...this is a worse case scenario.
    Your option, while a good one, is not available when the audio device is either unknown, or doesn't have a driver.
    I first experienced this when I had to reformat on 98SE. ME sounds similar.
    Windows either couldn't find the device or the driver and listed it as Unknown.
    Mine was nowhere on the Hardware disc to be found as well.

    My audio device "Audio for Crystal WDM Audio Codec" was not listed at that time while the problem was occurring as it is shown in the attachment. No Icon either.

    But I'm open for trying to locate an audio device/driver that Windows refuses to find.
    Thanks - Craze

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    Arrow Re: Fix - For Missing Volume Control

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered
    Hey can anyone help? I deleted outlook express by accident now my volume control will not open and the icon is missing from the taskbar can anyone help with this matter I am going crazy with no sound on my computer.

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