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Thread: Problems With Cd Writer

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    Problems With Cd Writer

    dear sirs,
    I am a rather old man totally loosed in computers.
    I purchased a few weeks ago this program to transform MP3 in audio CD that I could listen on my standard installation
    I worked rather well until the last three days, when it started to take a lot of time to open, to transfer mp3, ans so on.
    I have discovered that a long list (more than 15,000 type of cd such as MP3 CD AUDIO 650, MP3 CD AUDIO 700, STANDARD AUDIO CD 80 MINUTES, STANDARD AUDIO CD 74 MINUTES) has been created that I can not remove.
    This files are suppposed to be in C:\Program files\illustrate\dbpower\then the name of a file that does not appears.
    I tried to reinstall the program, but nothing has changed. And now, when I open the program I have the message "no respons".
    Can somebody help me ?
    Many thanks in advance. Kindest regards to all of you.

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    Re: Problems With Cd Writer

    Try deleting the "CreatingCD.bin" in the installation directory. This is a known bug, but what causes it is not known.

    Unfortunately, the only way to get rid of the entries is to individually delete each alternate selection or do a total uninstall of dMC and dCW as described here: http://forum.dbpoweramp.com/showthread.php?t=6828

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