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Thread: Vorbis lancer mod

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    Vorbis lancer mod


    Lancer 20060903/20060915(Based on aotuv-r1_20051117) readme_j
    SSE: AthlonXP (Barton core and older), Pentium III
    SSE2: Athlon64, Opteron, Pentium IV, Pentium M
    SSE2MT: Multi-threading version of SSE2
    SSE3: Athlon64 Rev E (Venice & San Diego core), Pentium IV (Prescott core), Core Duo(Solo)
    SSE3MT: Multi-threading version of SSE3 for Athlon64X2, Pentium D, Core Duo(Dual), Core2 Duo(Conroe & Merom core)
    the sse3 version is insainly fast, sub 2 minutes to recode a 48minute 320k mp3 to a -1 .ogg file, this on an athlon64@2.7gz(am2) with 2gb ram.

    i tested by redirrecting the aotuv encoder plugin to a folder that i had put the sse3 lancer mod into, this works EXTREAMLY well, sse2 is faster as well from tests done by me and few others, i cant test the multi threded version till i move to an x2, but that was also reported to be EXTREAMLY fast.

    please make these avalable on your codec page or at least on the beta test forum(would like a dll file and installer for this so can keep it sepret from stock aotuv version)

    thanks, and i love dbpoweramp, great app, just wish it did db lookups on cd's i rip with it :P

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    Re: Vorbis lancer mod

    It is in codec central under : Ogg Vorbis aoTuV SSE2 Lancer

    (not a huge difference between sse3 and sse2)

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