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  1. Re: Batch conversion of WHOLE/COMPLETE music folders with artwork

    I am only using one encoder converting from FLAC to MP3. I therefore only am able to select one path to direct the output files to. The problem is that only one directory is made for an artist and...
  2. Re: Batch conversion of WHOLE/COMPLETE music folders with artwork

    Regardless of which method is used yields the same results in this case. I am trying to convert FLAC files which are already in folders labelled with the artists name. Since I typically have...
  3. Re: Batch conversion of WHOLE/COMPLETE music folders with artwork

    I tested this output file naming [origpath]\[origfilename] which does not seem to provide sub-folders within a folder ie Creeedence Clearwater Revival/ Cosmo's Factory is followed by Willy and The...
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    Sticky: Re: MF Digital Ripstation

    If you would like the USB driver installation software for your MF Digital Ripstation please contact me to make arrangements to forward the file to you. I had the same issue years ago with one of my...
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    Re: Batch Ripper wont rip audio from CD

    Does the current 64 bit release v15 support the current batch ripper release R2. I would like to purchase V15 to install on a Windows 7 machine and use with my ripstation which i have been using...
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    Re: Discussion of Automated CD Loaders

    I have three MF digital machines and the company has advised that they have been using Windows XP OS only because they cannot get a current signed USB driver for the Canon based Picojet printer to...
  7. Re: [codec] 64 bit codec updates - Monkeys Audio, Ogg, Wavpack, etc

    Is there an expected release date for the 64 bit batchripper? Will all of the current drivers that are included in the v14.3 release also be present in the v15 batchripper?
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