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    Re: Year/Date Tagging philosophies

    I assume you're replying to me, but I just inferred that myself "I use year(DATE) in my folder naming scheme so remasters don't cause a naming conflict", in other words, because they have different...
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    Re: Year/Date Tagging philosophies

    I store DATE (release date) and ORIGINALDATE, but also have a RELEASE tag that would hold information like '50th Anniversary Deluxe' to differentiate the releases.

    I use year(DATE) in my folder...
  3. Re: Various Artists Compilation album display artist name with Heos

    Unfortunately I don't have a HEOS system to test this with, but have you tried using a normal UPnP control point e.g. BubbleUPnP? Someone suggested this works (requires using the HEOS app to...
  4. Re: Anything faster than PerfectTunes to find audio file duplicates?

    Given they're all FLAC could you not just use "metaflac --show-md5sum" to generate a list of audio hashes for all your files and then dedupe that? Obviously that's not going to give you a fuzzy match...
  5. Re: Do you think including name of artist in track is unnecessary

    I wholly browse by tags - and any playlists I do have are just .m3u8 so the tags are exposed there too - so I just use %discnumber%.%tracknumber%, which means I don't have silly long filenames or...
  6. Re: Is it possible to rip a CD directly to an NAS drive?

    Assuming you can write directly to the drive (which you should be able to), what's your backup strategy?

    I have a dedicated hard drive in my PC that holds the master copy of my music, which then...
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