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    Re: Upgrade from R15 to R16

    Thanks Mville. No need for OS X so guess I'll wait for 17 to come along.
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    Upgrade from R15 to R16

    Apologies if this info is available and I've just been unable to find it.

    I'm wondering what the upgrades from R15.3 to the current 16.6 include.

    Same for Perfect tunes 2.3 to 3.3. Also can't...
  3. Re: Error messages using Test Conversion in Batch Converter

    Thanks Spoon, I've been away. I'll let my ears be my guide then. It's a really useful tool- I've identified some music which can easily be replaced now but might not be so easy to reacquire in the...
  4. Error messages using Test Conversion in Batch Converter

    Apologies if this has been addressed elsewhere- I searched but could not find it.

    I used the Test Conversion in Batch Converter on a large library of ~18,000 tracks including mp3, flac, wav and...
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    What will PerfectTUNES handle

    I'm about to purchase PerfectTUNES but have a few questions first, not sure what the best venue for that is so please let me know if I should be putting this elsewhere.

    I want a program to...
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