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    Re: Not authorized - Denon

    version 1.1 preceded version 1.9.9 (the beta for release 2). The "Not Authorised" bug that exists in version 1.1 was one of the fixes in the beta.

    I think you were cofused by the "update" button...
  2. Re: Recommended music player & management software?

    Jeroen, thanks for that description of what you're trying to do. It's a new field for me, and I keep learning new words: J. River, Twonky, DLNA, Squeezebox, and so on.

    In my forays into the field,...
  3. Re: Recommended music player & management software?

    Being a pensioner, putting the adjective "affordable" within spitting distance of the word Iphone strikes me as being something of an oxymoron :-)

    Still, with Windows 7 running on my Tablet PC,...
  4. Re: Beta still does NOTwork with Yamaha receivers...

    My bet is that N/A means Not Authorized... What I used to see on my Denon before Spoon put a fix into Asset that solved the problem...
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    [A to Z] For Composer Not Working?

    The [A to Z] method of displaying Composer entries doesn't seem to work properly. No matter which initial letter I choose (A, B, C, D, etc.) the subsequent list always starts somewhere in the list of...
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    Re: Asset UPnP Does Not Work With Denon

    After googling this issue, I found something similar reported for the TVersity server. Unfortunately, the workaround for the TVersity (restarting the server) does not work with the Asset server...
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    Asset UPnP Documentation Suggestion

    The Product Description for Asset UPnP claims "Wide-ranging audio support: mp3, FLAC, Apple Lossless, WMA (inc Lossless)..."

    What is not stated anywhere, either in the Product Description or in...
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    Asset UPnP Does Not Work With Denon

    Back in December, Offwhite reported:

    I have tried to use it with my Denon AVR-3808CI, but after starting the Asset-UPNP server, the Denon shows a new entry for it:

    Asset UPnP [computername]...
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