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  1. Re: Accuracy problems after upgrading from R16.6 to R17

    Thanks for the fast reply.

    I did set the temporary folder to the standart folder windows/temp and that seems to work properly.

    Problem solve i guess.
  2. Re: Accuracy problems after upgrading from R16.6 to R17

    Playlist writer, HDCD and ReplayGain on both formats (i am ripping to FLAC and MP3 at the same time).
  3. Accuracy problems after upgrading from R16.6 to R17


    aufter upgrading to R17 my accuracy for rips dropped from 95% or more to mostly less than 30% of the tracks i rip being ripped accuratly.

    Anyone experiencing similar problems?

    here's an...
  4. Dynamic Naming adding Catalog * to the file path

    So far i use the folling naming string:

    [album artist]\[year] - [album] - [[upc]]\[track] - [title]

    and that one works just fine for me, but since i have multiple albums in multiple pressings...
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    UPC/EAN in Bach Ripper

    is there any way to configure the batch ripper in a way that a user will be able to type in the EAN/UPC code to the TAG Data, so that tay will be included while during the ripping process?
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    DBPoweramp CD-Ripper and CDPlayer.ini

    Hi all,

    i'm new to dbpoweramp so i hope this questions wasn't discussed before, but is there any way to set the local cdplayer.ini as Primary source for metatada in the CD Ripper/Batch Ripper
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