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  1. Suggestions for additional non-standard id3 tags

    I'd like to gather some input on how to include the following information (recommended tag names, pitfalls to avoid) with Id3 v2.3:

    - Band Country: to distinguish Killers (FRA) from Killers (US),...
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    Plugin API for custom metadata providers

    Please enable users to add their own metadata providers.

    Those who know Total Commander will undoubtedly agree. Please understand that extensibility not only empowers users but also makes your own...
  3. Always write certain tags in compressed files when ripping

    My first tests with dBpoweramp ripper show that this has become a great tool for secure rips over the years. Would it support generating CUE sheets for multi-track files, I'd fully abandon EAC. But...
  4. How do I write and integrate my own metadata plugin?

    About 50+ percent of my cd collection is (genre) Metal. The Encyclopaedia Metallum has very proper metadata including lyrics. Unfortunately, they miss an API. I'd try to write a screen scraper.

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    Re: PerfectMeta Discussion

    PerfectMeta is a great addition to dBpoweramp Ripper. Like other users, I'd appreciate if one could use it for existing EAC rips consisting of CUE sheet and image file. The process of 1) unpacking...
  6. How to play all MP3's of an album with "authentic" gaps


    I just started to experiment with dbpowerAMP Reference R12.1 yesterday and the first impressions are promising.

    The question is, a) can I play a bunch of mp3 files ripped with dbpowerAMP...
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