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  1. Re: Problem with mp3 ISO Compatibility encoding

    Spoon, I come from software development in huge projects.

    If two options are conflicting then it's the job of the software to forbid that.

    Or you can't drive your Mercedces-Benz in the future...
  2. Re: Problem with mp3 ISO Compatibility encoding

    Or is it a bug in lame so the VBR with ISO compatibility enforced doesn't work?

    Or is it a technical issue so that it can't be done at all?

    If so, the options should cancel each other out!
  3. Re: Problem with mp3 ISO Compatibility encoding

    In my case it was on. Perhaps because I installed over R13.

    I had nasty problems with dynamic naming in R13 and never got an answer nor a bugfix. So I stopped using dbpoweramp. Now I bought the...
  4. Re: Problem with mp3 ISO Compatibility encoding

    Because I have trouble playing mp3 in my car's player.

    Is there an inherent problem in ISO compatibility?

    And by the way: it's the default setting. Took me a long time to figure out that it...
  5. Problem with mp3 ISO Compatibility encoding

    I have R14 and the newest releases of everything installed.

    My settings for mp3 are: VBR -V2, Encoding Slow and Force ISO Compatibility.

    For the ripped files Winamp and Foobar show CBR with...
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    Re: dynamic output location bugs?


    Tried the newest Multi Encoder but still have P3: "[IFMULTI]" always fails and you can't get a disc number in the naming scheme.
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    dynamic output location bugs?

    I'm using R13.1 Reference. I number problems with P*), questions with Q*) and suggestions with S*).

    I'd like to rip CDs in .flac and .mpc at once.

    First I tried to rip to .flac or .mpc with a...
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