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    Re: Missing Album Artwork in Batch Ripper

    Any chance to test this on your end? I did a fresh install following another users post and still have the same problem of only GD3 providing album art. (Win 11 install if that makes any...
  2. Re: Batch Ripper and Nimbie USB+ on Windows 11

    Thanks for the detailed step by step. I have the same setup, Win 11 and Nimbie USB, but the problem I'm running into is in tagging the files. The Batch Ripper will work fine ripping and applying...
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    Missing Album Artwork in Batch Ripper

    I am using the latest version of dBpoweramp, 17.4, and it is registered. I have also installed the latest version of Batch Ripper, R4. If I don't use GD3 as one of the providers, I won't get any...
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