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  1. Re: ...Newbee: What's a Good App to Play My FLAC Files



    Free. Configurable. Easy to use.
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    Re: ...Blue Ray Audio - Rip to FLAC?

    Blu-Ray Audio is a Blu-Ray disk with mostly audio. You can play them in any Blu-Ray player.

    Better than SACD? Well, you can play them in any Blu-Ray player. Audiowise, you, I, and almost everyone...
  3. Re: Is ripping songs from a DVD a hassle?

    Use a proper tool like DVD Audio Extractor (http://www.dvdae.com/dvdae) and you will probably have to do very little post-processing.

  4. Re: Bug: dMCScripting.Converter COM interface broken in R17.0

    That fixed it.

    Thanks for the incredibly fast fix.

  5. Re: Bug: dMCScripting.Converter COM interface broken in R17.0

    I ran into the same problem. When I run it under the debugger, I get a message box that says:


    (In case the image doesn't come through...)

    WmpWia.exe - Ordinal Not Found

    The ordinal...
  6. Re: Does up-res'ing really improve the sound if the source is mp3 or AAC?

    Quick answer: No.

    Long answer: No. Where would the extra data come from? If it was lost, there is no getting it back.
  7. Thread: Free

    by Michael Sargent

    Re: Free

    Feel free to write your own version of dBpoweramp and give it away for free. There is nothing stopping you. You'll only need to spend about a decade doing nothing but working for free with no income...
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    Re: Flac compression level 5

    I have used level 8 for everything since I first started using FLAC. I have never had any problems. So, I see no point in wasting disk space (especially since I only have 653 GB left on a 4 TB...
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    Re: High resolution audio to cd quality

    Yes, you lose audio quality.

    No, you probably won't be able to hear the difference (44/16 was chosen wisely).
  10. Re: Issue getting car (Toyota) to sort audio properly (yes using disk & track*s)

    Do you have the track numbers set properly in the metadata? I just got a new 4Runner too, and I copied WMA files to a thumb drive and they all show and play in the correct order.


    Hope this...
  11. Re: Extracting HiRes Music Files from DVD

    I'm one of those who recommends DVD Audio Extractor. I use it to rip all DVD and Blu-Ray music. Works well (not as good as a dBpoweramp DVD extractor would work, but since there isn't one of those...
  12. Re: CD Ripper: Send AccurateRip Results to Online Database when program is closing.

    But it would make more sense to send the results at the end of a ripping session, so today's results are sent immediately. Otherwise they may sit in the queue for weeks until the next time something...
  13. Re: Can dbPoweramp rip multi-channel DVDs?

    If you are asking about DVD Audio Extractor, yes it can.
  14. Re: Can dbPoweramp rip multi-channel DVDs?

    DVD Audio Extractor


    It works well and can rip DVD, DVD-Audio, Blu-Ray, etc.

  15. Re: Quick Boxset Artwork Question (help?)

    Pretty much (but I'd be lying if I said I was 100% consistent on these things -- sometimes I just use whatever pops up).

  16. Re: Quick Boxset Artwork Question (help?)

    If the box is a collection of individual albums (such as a dozen Springsteen albums), I would used the correct album art for each CD in the box.

    I generally used the box set image for all disks in...
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    Re: Compression Level Audio Quality

    I'm not sure what article schmidj was referring to (no link), but I found this:


    It shows that higher levels do keep compressing better...
  18. Re: Recommended software for ripping DVD-A discs to hi-res AIFF files?

    Take a look at DVD Audio Extractor (DVDAE). http://www.dvdae.com/

    I used it to rip all of my DVD-Audio disks and many of my Blu-Ray Audio or Blu-Ray concert disks (not all because they didn't used...
  19. Re: Ripping errors on perfectly clean discs

    I second the idea of trying multiple drives.

    Also, just because it looks clean, doesn't mean it really is. I have had good luck cleaning disks with soap and water, and having much better results...
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    Re: VLC media player

    Try foobar2000: https://www.foobar2000.org/download
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    Re: Forced Reboot after Install

    That's better than rebooting someone's machine when they don't want it rebooted.
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    Re: Forced Reboot after Install

    But it is definitely not clear that it will reboot your system in 40 seconds without any chance to abort it. This really, really needs to be much clearer and perhaps even make not-rebooting...
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    Forced Reboot after Install

    After installing the 21-day version of Video Converter, upgrading the Beta, the installer forced a reboot of my system. There was no apparent way to tell it to stop (to let me reboot after cleanly...
  24. Re: CD in perfect mint conditions but CD ripper reports bad frames

    The other thing that can make a huge difference is to wash the CD. I'll take a CD, wash it under warm water with Ivory soap (you really don't want any perfumes or oils!), and the dry it gently (I use...
  25. Re: A heartfelt "Thank you!" to dbPoweramp devs

    I would like to second those thoughts. Without dBpoweramp, my digital music experience would have been too painful to contemplate.

    Thanks Spoon!

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