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  1. Re: Installed Codec Greyed Out...Not Recognized?

    Thanks for the suggestion, Spoon.

    I downloaded and re-installed from your link. I even installed as Administrator....I still get the same message.

    964 Window capture showing codec is...
  2. Installed Codec Greyed Out...Not Recognized?

    I used the CD Ripper to rip a CD into FLAC format.

    I want a copy of this CD in WMA Lossless format.

    When I open up the Converter and select my files, it gives me the usual conversion dialog...
  3. Re: Newbie Questions--Understanding AccurateRip

    Thanks....I'll give it a try.
  4. Re: Newbie Questions--Understanding AccurateRip

    I presume this is because AccurateRip uses the physical location of the music on the CD medium to uniquely identify the CD, rather than simple CD metadata information like the CD Title and Artist...
  5. Newbie Questions--Understanding AccurateRip

    I'm trying to understand what AccurateRip is/does and I have a couple basic questions.

    My current understanding is that AccurateRip compares your ripped files to a database of "key" files on the...
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