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  1. dB "sees" different individual tag fields, but they're the same

    Mp3Tag sees the tag fields the same wherever they're the same, but dB sees <different>. In the screenshot, you'll note that the identical 14 files are selected for each program. Mp3Tag correctly sees...
  2. Thread: Bug

    by GeorgeButel

    Re: Bug

    That fixed it, and luckily so, because I had "lost" the dmp files in the event that they might have been useful. My protocol with Windows is, anytime weird things happen, I go back to a "base" image,...
  3. Thread: Bug

    by GeorgeButel


    With 64-bit Win8, the cd ripper will go "not responding" when I switch cds, unless I close the program and then reopen it after putting in the new cd, or do what I'm supposed to do, presumably, and...
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    Re: CD Writer and Windows 8

    I was unable to get it to work in Win7, but I didn't really need it, since I had several other programs that did the same thing, so I didn't mess around with compatibility or other settings. However,...
  5. Re: When metadata's messed up--titles switched for artist--ability to transpose colum

    What would be a nice feature is this: the ability to copy an entire user-selected column from one meta's database entry for a cd so that the entire column could be pasted to one from another meta's...
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    Re: Audio duplicate programs

    This picture, https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/C-TNPDcPLeDhiWTI_lFp7NMTjNZETYmyPJy0liipFm0?full-exif=true, shows what Sound Forge sees of three different Everly Brothers duplicate tracks, from...
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    Audio duplicate programs

    I have several different versions of a number of songs, from different compilations, and I am wondering if there is a good program that would tell me HOW different these versions are. I could, of...
  8. Re: Tag processing to make sure Windows "sees" the album art and doesn't lose it

    My understanding is this: the little and big albumart files are put there by programs like WMP either when you play a song in the folder or if you tell WMP to create a library and/or tell it to get...
  9. Re: When metadata's messed up--titles switched for artist--ability to transpose colum

    You are absolutely correct that you can swap artists and track titles; I never noticed that context menu option since it is greyed out and virtually invisible on non-compilations, and most of my...
  10. When metadata's messed up--titles switched for artist--ability to transpose columns

    Sometimes, the metadata in multiple databases is totally messed up on some of the more esoteric cds. I'm beginning to think that cognitive impairment is a requirement for submitting data to them....
  11. Tag processing to make sure Windows "sees" the album art and doesn't lose it

    WMP and/or iTunes seem to love to mess up ID tags, and write tags relevant to the wrong versions of a particular song, on top of which the tags may or may not be visible to Windows or might...
  12. Re: Any tips for best quality at lowest file size combination?

    I used to use the "insane" setting--CBR, 320 kbs--totally mindlessly, then I went to the VBR, extreme, which saves as much as a third when it comes to file size. The thought suddenly occurred to me...
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    Re: How Much Am I Losing?

    MP3DirectCut is claimed to do certain simple mp3 edits losslessly--splitting the file, deleting parts of it, or normalizing it. It supposedly does not do any recompressing, which is where your...
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    Re: Can anyone recommend quality DVD ripper?

    The best all-around program in my experience is DVDFab. It does cost money, however, but can remove all dvd protections. I have had very poor luck with the quality output of the "converter" type...
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    Re: Can't submit metadata to AMG/Freedb

    https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=316242935061982&set=a.316242891728653.82745.100000288348393&type=3&theater One could argue endlessly about the format of track and title data, such as whether...
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    Re: Problems editing ID Tags

    It may be a Windows problem. With Vista and Win7 both, I can edit tags with the context menu shortcut, or even via the edit ID tag on the properties menu tab, and edit away, and then 30 or 40 minutes...
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    Re: Possible bug

    It is not freezing while ripping: if I can get it to the point where I tell it to rip, then everything is fine. The crashes are while selecting files to rip and editing the track info. That's why...
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    Possible bug

    I have a cd of "100 Speeches" with excerpts from various famous speeches over the last century. The cd track info is completely screwed up: the metadata, and the listing info on the cd insert are ...
  19. Re: Is there any easy way to find out if files with lame 3.98.3 are corrupt?

    My lame shows up as 3.98r instead of 3.98.2 or 3.98.3, and when I went looking, I only found two forums, hydrogenaudio and one other, via Google, that discussed the issue of trying to find out which...
  20. Re: Create individual track comment before ripping

    That works like a charm. Thanks. Unfortunately, you have to do this for each track: select the track, click the meta tab, click on add new tag, click again, then choose from the drop down list,...
  21. Re: Is there any easy way to find out if files with lame 3.98.3 are corrupt?

    I have a 100 or more gb of mp3s and I have no idea how long I have been using 3.98.3. Is there a program that could search all my mp3s and pull out a list of those that were encoded with Lame 3.98.3?
  22. Re: Create individual track comment before ripping

    Yes: it won't let me click anywhere to select a comment on an individual track. I've tried the arrow keys after selecting the track title also. There's no way to get to it to type in it. It may be...
  23. Create individual track comment before ripping

    I don't know if this is a Vista issue or dBpoweramp interface issue. With Vista, and I have 64-bit Ultimate, windows explorer seems to open up with different views at random anyway. But I wanted to...
  24. Is there any easy way to find out if files with lame 3.98.3 are corrupt?

    The latest update to dBpoweramp also updates the Lame encoder to 3.98.4 because it sometimes created corrupt mp3 files at "certain" bit rates. Is there any way I can go through my music files and...
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    Re: Cannot submit changes to Freedb/AMG

    I figured out what it is: I just now had the same issue with my new Layla Sessions cds, but it stopped being greyed out when you change any of the date at the top of the window. Changing the track...
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