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  1. Re: Asset R6 on QNAP - MultiDisc Albums and More

    Too bad that even with the current version is not yet possible
  2. Album cover in foldes or embedded in music files?

    I have on my Qnap NAS all FLAC music files with embedded cover picture, in addition, in each album folder is a cover picture named as folder.jpg.

    Does this make sense for "Asset UPNP", or is the...
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    Asset UPnP 4.6.1 for QNAP

    "Updated to 4.6.1:

    Worked around known incompatibility with certain UPnP client apps (long container IDs)
    Fixed various views under "Advanced Search" not working"

    Worked around with 4.6.1 on...
  4. No Checkdisk Filesystem possible on QNAP

    With version 4.4, it is up to an QNAP TS-221 (ARM) not possible, to make a "file system check", for example after a power failure. Trying breaks with the error message "Unmount Disk not possible by...
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