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    Re: R16 - interface questions and possible bugs

    FYI, R16 beta 5 shows % complete in the task bar.

  2. Re: Accurate rip; secure rip; two original disks and two different drives.

    Try setting ripping speed to 4X (lowest setting).

    I've a couple of CDs, out of a couple hundred, that go to ultra-secure for specific tracks (no scratches, etc on disc). I changed ripping speed...
  3. Re: R16 Edit ID-Tag: Duplicate Album Art instead of modify or delete

    That fixed it. Thanks Spoon.
  4. R16 Edit ID-Tag: Duplicate Album Art instead of modify or delete


    Just upgraded to R16. I am having a problem with Edit ID Tag integration in Windows Explorer (Win10, 64-bit).

    I cannot delete/modify album art. Any attempt results in duplicate album...
  5. Re: What is the highest quality CD rip setting for mp3?

    You didn't make a mistake. You bought a good product.

    Consider ripping the files to Apple Lossless (ALAC). This will give you the best quality, works with iTunes, and you can always convert to...
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    Are ReplayGain messages logged?

    Ripped a CD to FLAC and had the ReplayGain DSP applied.

    After the rip was finished, the info window contained the following (in addition to the "regular" info):

    Warning: Normalisation gain...
  7. Re: ReplayGain did not add Track value to FLAC files

    Where are you applying the ReplayGain DSP?

    When using Multi Encoder and applying the DSP in the individual encoders, my rips have all four tags (album gain, album peak, track gain, track peak).
  8. Re: Click sound at end of each track when writing audio CD

    Standard audio cd. Using the "Standard Audio CD (74 min)" template.

    Also, I tried another CD burning app using the FLAC files created with dBpoweramp. That CD was OK.
  9. Click sound at end of each track when writing audio CD


    When I write an audio CD, there is a short click sound at the end of each track, specifically, with 1 second left in the track. I've played the CD back on multiple systems and the click is...
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    Re: HOWTO: Running under VMware

    I did get AccurateRip to successfully configure. I did have to go through about 15 CDs before I found 3 that would work. Use CDs that are from lesser known artists, or were less popular albums. ...
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