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    Re: Built in FLACCL support

    Adding my vote for this request
  2. Re: Sometimes the CD turns out all accurate despite some spots/smudges

    Just wanted acknowledge all the awesome responses here and the depth of knowledge and experience the forum members possess. :thumbup:
  3. Re: Sometimes the CD turns out all accurate despite some spots/smudges

    I thought AR was only a measure of "what everyone else reported" and not a guarantee of bit-perfect? Happy to have misunderstood this also ... a bit perfect guarantee would be very nice.
  4. Re: Looking for the best cd-drive for my needs

    I second that and it's later brother the 55 is also very good.
  5. Re: The infamous DSD-click and DSF-FLAC conversion and transcoding

    @PaulDSD - I believe this issue is due to the padding (block byte size) incorrectly applied during conversion to .dsf. As you noted a fork of Sonore product mostly addresses this problem.

    There is...
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    Re: Convert progressive jpeg to standard


    Spoon may be right. Sadly I've had a rather painful journey with the same issue you mention. The only solution set that gave me reliable results was:
    * to identify all the jpg's that are...
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    Re: Extracting Audio From DVDs

    Just wanted to add a thumbs-up for DAE. The quality remains long after the price is forgotten.
  8. Re: Ripping Mission Accomplished (mostly) - Thanks to Spoon and Illustrate

    I can recommend some good software to do that . . . .
  9. Re: Ability to Trim and Add specific number of samples in dBpoweramp

    Just wanted to acknowledge the discipline and depth of investigation by @Lynx_TWO.

    It also highlights the advantages of sticking with 48kHz, 96kHz and 192kHz wherever possible. :)
  10. Re: 1.3 Prime - not allowing Album selections (was working in 1.3 Beta)

    Wow . . . thanks Spoon, lightning speed fix with a Version up too. I did check the release (and download) pages and they all say current version is still 1.3.

    Hope I'm not coming across as too...
  11. Re: 1.3 Prime - not allowing Album selections (was working in 1.3 Beta)

    * bump . . . lots of other threads getting responses, maybe this one got missed?
  12. 1.3 Prime - not allowing Album selections (was working in 1.3 Beta)

    Hi - within a sync profile, when using source filtering, excluding all albums then selecting only the albums required, no files are synced.
    All other tabs in source filter are set to 'include all'...
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    Re: MF Digital Baxter

    Also, this post --> https://forum.dbpoweramp.com/showthread.php?38159-MF-Digital-Ripstation

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    Re: MF Digital Baxter

    Glad I Google this device. Pretty cool looking.

    While I was on their site, I did find this link: https://www.mfdigital.com/legacydownloads.html


    Sorry I can't be of more help. There...
  15. Re: With Removal of FreeDB, I'm seeing issues with newer released CD's

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    Re: Asus BW-16D1HT slow

    @Helvetia - I have one of these drives. I primarily use it for UHD-Video ripping but it also has excellent standard CD read speeds (x48).

    Full read specs below from ASUS. Maybe worth checking...
  17. Re: Music File Format: Content can play for hundreds of years

    Philip Glass?
  18. Music File Format: Content can play for hundreds of years

    Just sharing . . .

    Which artist will be the first to release a album that is one hundred years long?
  19. Re: Estimated release date for Asset R7 linux?

    excited! just upgraded to v17 of dbpoweramp, updated TuneFUSION and PerfectTUNES all in one day. Happy Friday for me. :-)

    Thanks Spoon and team for all the hard work.
  20. Re: type of album art retrieved by PerfectTUNES - baseline or progressive

    If it helps anyone . . . you can identify all the jpg's that are progressive with exiftool and then use that list to batch process and losslessly re-encode them to baseline jpg's with jpegtran.
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    Re: Upgrading from 16.6 to 17.0

    Thanks Spoon and team for an awesome release.

    Some of my favourites in this release: Loving the attention you gave to DSD, the new '[GROUP]' naming option and "substitute Unicode spaces and remove...
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    Re: TuneFUSION R1.3

    Bugger, really wanted the 'Date Modified' feature.

    Installed 1.3Beta over 1.2 Registered. 1.3beta becomes unresponsive as soon as it's launched. Need to use task manager to force quit.
  23. Thread: Sacd

    by Maxpower

    Re: Sacd

    Just to expand on this, many hardware units now let you cheaply and easily convert the SACD layer of a disc to lossless digital files. I have an $80AUD pioneer (bdp-160) which does the task without...
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    Re: Asset UPnP and support for DSD 128

    Chiming in to add my appreciation and support for expanded DSD coverage in R7. :-)
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    Re: Flac 1.3.3 Released

    945 days (or 656 working days) to be exact. :-)
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